February 11, 2019

So much snow, losing track of the days

Mt Superior on fire - February 8th

Its been snowing A LOT. It seems like most of the online trackers are broken in capacity, but I think the upper Cottonwoods have picked up close to 8 feet of snow in the past 8 days. I'm starting to lose track of the days. My best guess is below:

Sunday February 3rd

Touring in Mill D. No one was at Tom's Hill, where we found the best skiing of the day.

Monday February 4th

Dawn patrol, back in Mill D / Tom's Hill.

Tuesday February 5th

Another dawn patrol in Mill D.

Wednesday February 6th

It snowed a crazy amount, so much that we didn't even risk driving up the canyons to ski, knowing we would probably never make it back to work. The running in Wheeler Farm was deep!...

Thursday February 7th

Dawn patrol - as good as short swing gets! By this point it had snowed several feet over a few days. Deep snow everywhere. Barely got the jeep in/out of the Spruces parking lot.

Friday February 8th

Went up to Alta in the afternoon to ski in the sunshine (which lasted for one lap only). The skiing was good, but the sunset was BONKERS!

Saturday February 9th

Silver Fork Meadows. Good powder once again. Nice to be able to ski these runs cleanly from top to bottom with no brushy mess down near the skintrack.

Sunday February 10th

Snow report said about a foot had fallen overnight. I didn't believe it at first, but it was correct! Super windy on top of the ridgelines, but we took a little windburn and lapped Emma's all day.

The snowpack is approaching 2017 levels in some locations :-)

A cool chart from UtahSkiWeather (as of Feb 13th) that explains why we are so happy...

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