March 31, 2019

Home Sweet Home / March Madness

What's new?

We came back from Canada and straight back into an all-time winter in the Wasatch. This month has just flown by. It snowed several feet while we were gone, and then several more feet in the first week we were back home. Friday March 15th was a crescendo moment in terms of powder frenzy. Then as we transitioned into spring on the calendar it just kept snowing. It would get warm for a day or two, then another storm would hit us. Its been an absolute dream. 

I skied 24 out of 31 days in March, which has to be a record for me (and missed 3 days traveling to and from Canada or else it could have been more!).

Here's a quick recap of the rest of March...

Tuesday March 12th 

Dawn Patrol in West Porter with Matt. Good leftover powder.

Wednesday March 13th

Dawn Patrol in West Porter with Andrea. Surprisingly great new powder!

Thursday March 14th 

Dawn Patrol in Mill D w/ Andrea. Really light cold snow.

Friday March 15th

Dawn Patrol in Scottie's w/ Andrea. Arguably one of the best days of the season. DEEEEEEEEP!!!

Saturday March 16th

Deer Valley groomers day in the sunshine.

Sunday March 17th

Toured all over White Pine looking for the remaining cold, dry snow. We found it! Red Baldy laps were especially great. One of the more beautiful tours of the season, too.

Snowpack as of March 15th... oh yeah!

Monday March 18th

First time skiing from the Neff's Canyon TH w/ Matt and Andrea. We skied Memorial Couloirs #1 and #4 in excellent conditions.

Tuesday March 19th

Back to the Memorial Couloirs w/ Matt. Skied #6 and then an offshoot of Apollo.

Friday March 22nd

Solo laps off Patsy Marley

Saturday March 23rd

Friends in town for the weekend. Groomers day at Deer Valley.

Sunday March 24th

Lift skiing at Brighton. Snowed 6-8 inches and for east coast city girls, it was the deepest snow of their lives!

Monday March 25th

Dawn Patrol w/ Andrea... Emma laps in well over a foot of snow. Oh man this felt great!

Tuesday March 26th

Solo sunrise laps off Patsy.

Friday March 29th

The storm that was forecasted to be 4-8" earlier in the week turned into 20"+. What's new this season? Dawn patrol in Mill D and then I was so stoked that I went skiing in Mill D again after work.

Saturday March 30th

Spring powder at its finest. The sun is strong this time of the year so we got as much south facing turning as possible. Biggest vertical day of the season (15K). 

Sunday March 31st

Days Draw never disappoints. Everything that wasn't high and north facing got hammered by the sun yesterday, but the main runs in the draw were still soft and dry. Another 10K day. Love this time of the year!

That's it for March. The Alta base is sitting at 160", and Snowbird's year to date total is 580" of snow. We're skiing until its dirt, and its going to be a long time until its dirt.

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