March 1, 2019

The Show Rolls On

The skiing has been so good. I started this post off actually writing some words, and then it devolved into another photo dump. The bottom line: This winter is ALL-TIME and we are crazy spoiled right now. I've skied 61 days so far and most of them have been great.

Tuesday February 19

Solo laps in Scottie's Bowl. It had snowed about 6" more since yesterday - the cold, light variety. Anything steep was sloughing fast but it was expected and manageable. You could argue these runs were as good as any skiing so far this year.

Wednesday February 20

Another one off our roadside attractions to-do list, Coalpit #4. The Chuting Gallery describes it as a "gentler version of the Y-Couloir." This is a great ski run and we caught it in the best conditions possible. We easily crossed the LCC creek and skinned the first 500 vertical feet before switching to booting the rest of the way (the whole run is a touch over 3000 feet). Thankfully Matt brought me some extra verts because the upper 1500 feet was DEEP snow. The descent was amazing - knee deep, light powder - I just couldn't believe our luck.

Friday February 22

Powder laps in Scotties.

Saturday February 23

Huge powder day in Days Fork. Lucky Days, Crystal Palace, and Days Draw.

Sunday February 24

Similar to yesterday but also got a run in Meadow Chutes and some mini-chute on the Silver/Days ridgeline before skiing Lazy Days and then some more runs in Palace and Draw. Over 23K for the two days this weekend... my kind of weekend.

Monday February 25

EARLY Sox's from Porter Fork with Matt. Snow still good.

Tuesday February 26

Another early start with Matt to ski  Porter Fork "in between"

Friday March 1

Took a couple mornings off to get caught up on work before Canada. The forecasted storm didn't pan out and the skiing was "just OK" for the first time in about 2 months.

Next Stop: Canadian Rockies!

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