June 18, 2010

Thayne Peak (8656')

Last night Andrea and I headed back up Millcreek Canyon for a bike & hike, but due to a flat tire and some trail-finding issues, we didn't have time to get up to Mt. Aire, so we ended up going to a trail run on the Pipeline Trail instead. Its a perfectly graded trail that runs above the road up the canyon... great place to run... and it provided the inspiration for my run/hike this morning...

Riding out of our neighborhood with great views of the goals for this Sunday - the Thunder Bowl cirque.

Changing Andrea's flat tire

Running on the Pipeline Trail - great views of Thayne Peak

This morning I decided that I'd run up to the Thayne Peak trailhead and head up the Desolation Trail, running as much as I could of the trail. I ended up taking a wrong turn a few miles past the trailhead and got on a trail that wasn't quite as run-able. Still, I covered the final 3000 feet up to Thayne Peak in about 75 minutes, then ran down the "correct" trail. On the way down I got a little spooked when I was running through a brushy section: A rattlesnake rattled at me! Definitely a scary experience! That's the second rattler I've encountered in the past 3 weeks! And I HATE snakes!

Overall it ended up being a 21 mile loop with 4300 feet of vertical. Casey, Jeff - if you guys are reading this, Godspeed to you both with the freaking Pikes ascent! These runs that climb 3-4K feet are good workouts, but I don't know how I'd handle 7500 feet and starting a few thousand feet higher!

This weekend should be fun... we're heading up to Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake for some trail running tomorrow, then as previously mentioned, climbing South and North Thunder Mountains on Sunday.


  1. Why didn't you get a picture of the rattlesnake?!

  2. they dont like to get their picture taken!