June 14, 2010

Moderate altitude = mileage increase

Living at 4300 feet has advantages and disadvantages compared to living at 8000 feet. The disadvantage of sleeping so "low" will probably be felt when I get back to Colorado to finish climbing the 14,000 foot peaks next month. The big advantage, though, is running at this altitude. I cranked out about 110-115 miles last week, a number that was not uncommon for me when I was living back east, but the kind of volume I never came close to touching while living in Vail. I'm trying to run as many hills as possible in an effort to keep my "climbing" legs, and we'll start climbing some peaks in the Wasatch as soon as possible. The weather was unsettled this weekend, and the Cottonwood Canyons and their high peaks were socked in by thunder/snow storms. So, we've just been running... a lot... exploring the SLC area on foot. I've posted some pics below of running in some more scenic locations a little over a week ago (Garden of the Gods and Kokopelli Trail).

Recent pictures from Arizona over Memorial Day and the last few days in Colorado.

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