November 8, 2010

The early bird... schraps the pow

A paraphrased conversation after we got home on Saturday night, after meeting up with some other backcountry skiing enthusiasts, and finding out that I'm not the only one with gets really excited about early-morning mid-week dawn patrols...

Jake (grinning, attempting to hold back the true extent of enthusiasm): For a 5am
start in Big Cottonwood, I'll have to wake up, at the latest, at 4:15am.
Andrea: Why is it that the earlier the alarm gets set, the more excited you get about it?

No skiing since Halloween; it was super-warm and nice here all week. Andrea spent 5 days doing work training (on the beach) in Coronado, CA. Tough life. Hopefully she'll get a blog up with some pics soon (hint hint).

Another storm is in the works right now (its already accumulating outside my window), and 18-30" is in the cards for tomorrow, so we'll probably be getting out for some dawn patrols or sunset patrols later this week. Good timing for the resorts that are opening up this weekend.

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