November 29, 2010

New York Cityscapes

Andrea and I headed to the Eastern seaboard last week to spend Turkey Day with my family. Our time was split between NYC (my sister lives in Brooklyn) and Connecticut (where we all got together at my aunt & uncle's house for the Turkey Day festivities). The weather was great, running lots of miles at sea-level was easy, and we ate tons and tons and tons of delicious food. Everyone had a fantastic time. I could never live in a place like NYC, but its always a fun place to visit and explore. And running on the rolling hills in southern CT was a nice change of pace.

Meanwhile, back in Utah, it snowed a lot, and according to all reports, the skiing was superb. Snowbird's season-to-date total is 136"... and its not even December!

A few selected pics from are trip are below. The whole gallery is here.

Times Square

Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

The M&Ms store in Times Square

The Krong family would make a great Christian rock group

Bailey boy, the big goofy standard poodle! He's a super-sweet puppy!

Our favorite candy characters

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