November 15, 2010

Mia got adopted

Mia wreaking havoc! :-)

Our amazing little foster puppy, Mia, got adopted over the weekend. She is going to a great family with a lots of room to play, a nice backyard, and they even have a ranch in Wyoming! We were really sad to see her go, but knowing that she is going to people who will give her lots of love and attention (like we gave her!) makes it easier.

We had Mia with us for a month, and I can't overstate how fun she was. She LOVED going running, and was doing 4-6 miles every morning, then going nuts at the dog parks at night. She definitely had a ton of energy!

Fostering was a great experience, and we'll definitely do it again. You get really attached to your little furry friend, but getting them out of the kennel, socialized, and trained really increases their chances of getting adopted by a great family. We're so happy for Mia!

Haven't skied in a while... conditions were reportedly bad (due to sleet / lack of visibility) yesterday. We had a full weekend of home improvement tasks on the agenda, anyways. Another 20" in the forecast for tomorrow... hopefully it all settles into a nice, stable base.

Andrea and Mia

Mia loved playing at the dog park in Sugar House

Mia was sooooo sweet once she used up all her energy and got sleepy

Mia and I on her last night with us

Outcome of one of the weekend projects... hanging bikes gives a room that "REI" look!

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  1. Our fostering adventure ended pretty fast - we adopted two kitties. Right now we can't have dogs, but maybe in a couple of years... I would love to have a doggie running partner.