October 13, 2011

Long Beach Action Shots

Action shots from the Long Beach Half Marathon, and a video (at the bottom of the post). The race recap is here.

Video of the finish... Andrea's kick was amazing to watch!...

Click the play button on the lower left to watch


  1. These pictures are awesome! And yes Andrea's kick at the finish is seriously impressive. It is so exciting to see how far you two have both come. Very very inspiring.

    Do you guys fuel at all during halfs? If so what with?

  2. Thanks guys!

    Rachelle, nothin during a 1/2 marathon for me... honestly I don't even bother trying to take a drink... I can't do it at sub 5 pace, I'd choke! If its really hot out I'll try to splash some water on my face.

    But I'm only out there for barely over an hour... Andrea does try to fuel a little during a 1/2... I'm sure she'll respond w/ what she does.

  3. Brightroom did a great job with the pictures at Long Beach, and I was definitely not expecting videos! That was pretty cool.

    Rachelle - I usually eat a banana and a Powerbar before the race. During the race, I had a GU at about mile 7 and drank a couple sips of Gatorade during the run.

  4. Thanks for the response, it is always interesting to learn what works for others. It is miraculous that you are able to choke down a GU at that pace Andrea. That is pure skill.