October 1, 2011

OktoberFAST 5K

Post race at the OktoberFAST 5K, sponsored by Saucony!

This morning Andrea and I hosted our first track race, the OktoberFAST 5K. We were going up against the St George marathon and General Conference (two VERY big events in Utah), but still had a really nice turnout. It was a really fun morning on the track with a great group of people!

Saucony was awesome enough to hook us up with official race bibs and some prizes, which we are really thankful for. They really support these kinds of small "grassroots" events, and that is why we are so happy to be representing the company.

Andrea ran another big PR, crossing the line in 17:16! That is an incredible performance on its own, and really mind blowing when you realize that it would convert to 16:55 at sea level. This is from a girl who hadn't broken 20 minutes before this year. Unbelievable! She is absolutely killing it!

I ran 15:09, which was a little short of my goal (sub 15), but its 13 seconds faster than I ran last month, and realistically its now my 5K PR, as the 15:04 I ran earlier this summer was probably a slightly short course. The nice thing about running on the track is that there are no distance discrepancies! I've now broken both my 5K and 10K PRs in solo time trials over the past week, so that's another step in the right direction.

Overall it was just a really fun morning with a great group of runners. We had some friends help out with pictures and timing which was greatly appreciated, and it was nice to have some family and friends out there cheering as well.

This was our last little tuneup before the Long Beach Half Marathon. Next weekend Andrea and I will fly to California for a little taste of a flat, fast course at sea level.

I've posted a bunch of photos below, but you can find the whole gallery by clicking here: OktoberFAST 5K Pictures.

Here's the results... many of the runners have posted their individual race recaps, which I've linked...

Jake 15:09.5  (Report)
Adam C 17:07.3  (Report)
Andrea  17:16.3  (Report)
Adam W 17:40.7  (Report)
Chad 18:17.4  (Report)
Dave 18:31.1  (Report)
Sandy 19:01.9
Kam 20:09.1  (Report)
Ashley 20:32.6

Thanks for coming out this morning everyone! We are going do this again at the end of the month - the Spooky Fast 5K!


  1. Thanks to both of you for putting this together. We had a great time. Good luck next weekend! You're both going to kill it.

    See you in 4 weeks!

  2. Thanks for coming Sandy. The next one will definitely be on October 29th. Looking forward to it!