December 30, 2011

Christmas in Tennessee

Day #3 of Christmas
We've been bad bloggers recently and haven't updated anything but our training logs in the last couple weeks. I guess this would be as good of a time as any to wish a Merry Christmas (though slightly belated) to all of you reading this!

For Christmas this year we headed down to Knoxville. This was my first big extended family Christmas in about 5 years, since my parents moved to Arizona and I moved out west as well. For the past couple years, I've done Christmas in Arizona several times, one in Colorado, and last year my parents came up to Utah. But in all of those cases, it was pretty much just immediate family. Since almost everyone on both sides of Andrea's family lives within driving distance of Knoxville, we celebrated Christmas and opened presents for three straight days!

Other than one morning that was a rain downpour, the weather was really nice and great for running. I put in my time, averaging a little over 20 miles a day on the nonstop rolling hills, and definitely earned my moose tracks! After taking a few days off to nurse her hamstring, Andrea was able to get back into the swing of things and run 10 miles a day with me.

2011 in review posts coming this weekend. For now, some pics from Christmas...

Andrea's immediate family, with her brother (who is not Zack Galifianakis) and his girlfriend
Christmas Eve - Andrea and cousins
Christmas morning
Andrea got this quilt... she needs lots of things to stay warm!
When in doubt, I just buy her anything made with down.
This one wasn't taken in Tennessee, but deserves to be added...
I am seriously looking into getting an entire bedroom set to match it.
Andrea's cousin Amelia. She is super cute!
We were best buddies - she never cried when I was playing with her!
All I need - 4.5 lbs of Mike and Ikes and a guidebook to my favorite place in the world.
Funny side story - at the airport, the TSA made me go through additional screening
because of my giant candy bag!
We met up with my buddy Nate (college roommate for 2 years) while we were in town

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