December 5, 2011

Saucony Ignite Review

This post was written by Andrea (obviously!):

The Saucony Ignite product line is my favorite. The Saucony Hurricanes Racing Team uses this product line for their racing attire for good reasons - the clothes are lightweight, breathable, and made for movement.

The Saucony Ignite Singlet has become my lucky singlet - I always seem to have good races in it. I like how the racing back fits. The bottom does seem to flare out a little more than I would like (I have a very straight figure), but it doesn't bother me when I'm racing. It is meant to wear untucked.

I am convinced that Saucony makes the BEST shorts (Ignite, Run Lux, PE, etc). I used to think that all shorts are the same but was proved wrong once I started wearing Saucony's shorts. It's like wearing real running socks as compared to cotton socks. The Ignite shorts are perfect for racing. My favorite things about these shorts are how light and free they feel and the zipper pocket in the back. I am not a fan of shorts with the flimsy pockets in the front, and I feel much safer putting my keys or rings in a zipper pocket.

I wore the Saucony Ignite Short Tights in the marathon. I like wearing short tights as compared to the split shorts when it is a little colder outside. The short tights have worked well for me; they don't ride up like other tights have in the past. They also have the zipper pocket in the back (I fit 2 Gu's inside easily).

I haven't worn the Saucony Ignite Sports Bra yet but have seen great reviews on it. It might be a while before I wear it, but I'm planning to do some races next summer with it. Pros I have seen are that it is very supportive, good coverage, and feels comfortable.

I wear the Ignite Capris more on a casual basis than racing. When it's cold, I would rather wear compression socks and shorts than capris. But I do enjoy wearing the capris on everyday runs. Although they do not have a drawstring, the capris are tight in the waist and stay up well.

This jacket fits perfectly. It is form-fitting, the sleeves are long, and it is long enough in the torso. I have found that some of Saucony's shirts feel too short for me (I'm 5'8"), but the jackets are generally longer. The jacket is comfortable for temps about 40 degrees and above.

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