December 16, 2011

Saucony Kinvara Durability

There are dozens (probably more like hundreds) of reviews for the Saucony Kinvara on the web. Runblogger does very in-depth reviews, so if you are interested, that is a good place to look for their original Kinvara review and updated Kinvara 2 comparison.

I wear the Kinvara for most easy runs and long runs. I usually like something a little stiffer when I am racing or doing harder workouts, so it doesn't fit the bill on those days. But for the vast majority of my running, the Kinvara 2 has been my favorite shoe (ever). Its light, flexible, comfortable, and encourages good running form. I tried to think of some constructive criticism, but honestly I have nothing but excellent things to say about this shoe. That's my quick review!

Andrea would like to add that she wishes there was a little bit more room in the toe box. She had to go up a half-size from what she typically wears (she had the same issue w/ the Fastwitch).

The main reason I wrote this post was to focus on durability. While running yesterday, our group was talking about an interview with Cam Levins where he said that he goes through shoes every three weeks while running 150-160 miles per week. I don't run quite that much mileage, but I'm not far off either - and I definitely don't break out a new pair of shoes every three weeks!

I took some photos last night of my blue Kinvaras. Right now this pair has 720 miles on them. I think they'll easily get to 1000, and maybe even 1500 miles. Since I usually don't wear them on consecutive days (I like to rotate between 2-3 pairs of shoes), that probably helps with their longevity.

One small tear in the upper, near the logo, after 700+ miles isn't too bad.
The bottom of the upper fabric is starting to pull away a tiny bit as well.
That area is probably the "weak link" on the shoe.
Close up of the tear. This was consistent on both shoes (left and right)
Medial side still looking good
Forefoot is worn down, as expected after 700 miles.
This isn't a big deal when running on dry surfaces, but now
its slippery on snow and ice.

Rearfoot still looking OK since it touches the ground a lot less
When I first got this pair, they weighed in at 8.42 ounces... they are down to 8.28 ounces! 
I think the durability of the Kinvara is pretty remarkable for such a lightweight, minimalist-inspired shoe. The only reason you'd want to swap them out earlier than 700 miles is because they come in so many awesome colors!

[2/22/12 Update - this pair is at 1100 miles and still going strong!]

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