January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Here is a list of all our New Years Resolutions that we made last year, followed by our goals for 2012. Jake tends to set very high goals for himself, whereas I try to be more conservative.

[This post goes along with our 2011 in Review posts: 
Andrea - Jake]


2011 Resolutions -

2000 miles run total - Ran a total of 2929 miles this year! 
PR at the half marathon distance - Dropped my time from 1:34 to 1:17. Huge improvement.
Run a marathon - Ran the Philadelphia Marathon in 2:49.
Stretch 5x a week - Stretched almost every day to keep my back and hamstring healthy.
Don’t be overly sensitive :) - Debatable!!
Take vitamins every day - Missed a few days, but overall stayed very consistent with iron and multivitamin.
Become a valuable asset at work - Got a raise at work and a new position in New Product Development.
Make 2011 the most memorable year yet No doubt the most fun, most adventurous, best skiing, best trips, best running, least stressful year of my life.

2012 Resolutions -

Have lots of fun!

Be healthy and injury-free
Take vitamins everyday
Run 2500 miles
Do 7500 pushups
Sub-17 minute 5K
Sub-1:17 half marathon
Win USATF-Utah LDR circuit
Run a relay/team race
Core and hip exercises 3x a week
Backcountry ski 100,000 vertical ft
Take vacations to new places (ideas - Portland/Oregon coast, Wind River Range, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Sierra Nevadas, San Diego, Escalante, Canyonlands, etc)


2011 Resolutions

5,000 miles run - Ran 5806 miles. Crushed that goal!
200,000 feet vertical gained (skiing / hiking) -  About 150,000 through the end of ski season, the stopped keeping track of hiking and biking. If I counted running in my vertical challenge, it would be at least double that number.
5,000 perfect pullups - Didn’t keep track, and didn’t come close to this number. Pulled my groin in May and was afraid to re-aggrevate it, so I didn’t start doing Perfect Pullups again until the end of November.
20,000 perfect pushups - 26,500 perfect pushups! Guns blazing!
Run ultramarathon - Antelope Island 50K in 3:38, course record.
Run marathon - Utah Valley 2:21, Philadelphia 2:25
PR at a distance that I’ve run before (half-marathon or shorter) - PR at every distance - 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon.
Explore Wyoming - No Wyoming! We spend time on a pair of Southern Utah trips instead of going to Wyoming. This wasn't a failure by any means, because there is so much to see in Southern Utah.
Ski in lesser known Utah ranges - Nope, stuck to the Wasatch! Skiing was too good to bother driving anywhere else.
Shred the Cascades - Went to the Sierra Nevadas for summer vacation instead. This turned out to be a great choice!
Get promoted at work - Somehow made this happen despite doing all the things listed above!

2012 Resolutions -

Run 5,000 miles
20,000 perfect pushups
5,000 perfect pullups
Sub 1:05:00 half marathon
Sub 15:00 5K
Win a marathon
Win USATF-Utah LDR circuit
Run a relay/team race
Go to Wyoming!
Do a really cool, possible EPIC, trail run
Ski some new lines in the Wasatch
Ski a 10,000 foot day
Eat healthier
Be less annoying

Go to the Doctor (not for anything specific, I just haven't been to a doctor in about 8 years, and its about time I get a physical and some baseline bloodwork done).


  1. You can explore anything worth exploring in Wyoming by sticking to the western 1/3rd of the state! Cody is a neat little town and the Shoshone National Forest/Beartooth Pass area is a long drive but very scenic. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, the Winds and Jackson are awesome areas...the rest of the state (from my experience) is eerily empty...

  2. You and Andrea are MACHINES! NO joke. So impressive and inspiring. I honestly want to know your secret to no injuries. I'd do anything to run the number of miles you hit a day! Good Luck in 2012:)

  3. Jewels - luckily the western 1/3 is the closest to SLC! Definitely would like to get up to the Winds and Tetons for hiking/trail running this summer.

    Christie - I'm not sure what the secret is. In the past I used to deal with all kinds of little nagging injuries... but for the last couple years my body seems to have hardened up, and I can do a lot and recover quickly. Combo of good fortune and lots of work!