January 18, 2012

Some stats from the Women's Olympic Trials Marathon

Yesterday I posted some pace graphs from the men's olympic trials marathon. Today - the women's race.

Here is the link to the women's spreadsheet. Download the original file and open it in Excel for the formatting to be correct.

I am missing some mile splits for almost all of the competitors when they crossed the 1 hour mark (due to formatting that I don't feel like spending the time to fix right now), and also a few random splits later in the race (due to the splits simply being wrong on the USATF results website). Still, the graphs are interesting to look at...

The first graph shows the average mile splits of all finishers, and then separated into groups. A couple things jump right out - the women started off a lot slower than the men, the course was not completely flat, and its very common to slow down towards the end of a marathon!

Next up - the Top 10 women. I am missing some splits in here, but you can see that the top 3 (Shalana, Desi, and Kara) really hammered it home. Amy got dropped around mile 19, but put up a heck of a fight over the last couple miles.

Now, the DNFs - like the men's race, there were some blowups...

Zoomed-in view of the same graph. What I find interesting is that a lot of women dropped out when they weren't running all that slowly (yet). Quite a few made it through the halfway point of the race in that 5:45-6:00 pace range, but it just wasn't their day.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll do some more when I have some more free time.


  1. thank you for another work distraction. :)

    hasting's fight was pretty amazing. i love the consistency with the top three and the split right at 25 where the race was decided.

  2. I'm with Allie on the work distraction - I was so excited to see you decided to do the women too!

  3. Very cool Jake! I find it amazing that the women were running so fast towards the end.