June 18, 2012

Duluth Mega Photo Post

Lake Superior, from outside our hotel in Duluth

Here's a massive gallery of photos from our long weekend in Duluth. If you missed the race recaps, click our names to read them:
Andrea (1:17:21, 32nd place) -  Jake (1:06:02, 27th place)

We'll post some photos from the actual race once we see them!

Bottles ready to go
This was just the beginning - they gave us free food non-stop all weekend!

Friday media luncheon
Kemps makes excellent ice cream sandwiches
Andrea saving some spaghetti from blowing away in the wind
The race sent Andrea a rose to wish her good luck
Downtown Duluth and the Lakewalk

Post race w/ Derek and Allison

National Championship awards dinner - took this when Kara went up to accept her award
Everyone loves the races in Duluth!
Dessert in a train museum? Sure - why not?!?

DQ will just fill up a 16oz cup w/ soft serve if you ask... not on the menu,
but its the best deal there!
Sunday was a warm, sunny day. Perfect for a bike ride on the lake.

Looking back towards Duluth

We stayed at the hotel on the right, under the water towers. Perfect location right on the lake.

The harbor area and convention center

Ice down in Lake Superior!


  1. the spaghetti-saving photo is easily my favorite.
    big congrats to you guys. looks like it was an awesome weekend with A+ treatment from the folks in duluth -- definitely well deserved.

    1. The athleticism she showed in saving that spaghetti plate was amazing!

  2. Very cool pictures! Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you. Now I just need to get faster so I can get a bag with my name on it and a flower dam it!

    It looks like you guys made the most of your short time as always. Very cool how you stuff so much action into such a short trip.

  3. Have just added a visit to Duluth to my bucket list. Enjoyed the pics.