June 23, 2012

Wedding Bells 5K Relay!

Two of our favorite running buddies and good friends, James and Allie, are getting married tonight! Considering the fact that they met each other at a race, got engaged at a race, and each run about 30 races a year, it was only fitting for them to have a race on their wedding day. They organized the
Wedding Bells Relay 5K, and it was a total hit! By far our favorite race of the year :-)

James and Allie after the SLC Marathon
Race directors!
There were 5 on our relay team. We thought it was only appropriate to dress according to the theme. So the three girls wore bridemaids dresses, Jake wore American flag shorts (in honor of James new US citizenship), and Kevin... well, we're not sure how jean shorts and a "come at me bro" shirt fit the theme but he definitely had us cracking up.

Our team...

After lots of goofing around, the first legs of each relay team headed to the 200m mark for the start. The horn blew and they were off! Devra ran the opening 200 meters and then we alternated 400s for the remainder of the race. We won in an official time of 15:11. Andrea split some 72s - not bad for a bum hamstring and wearing a dress. Jake averaged 63 seconds for his 3 legs, which felt infinitely harder than running a full mile at that pace a few weeks ago.

It was a really fun morning - great to hang out at the track with friends and just have a good time.

Jake, Devra, Amiee, Andrea, Kevin

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  1. i love it! you guys really made this fun today and you definitely know how to stack a relay team! thanks for supporting us in our first attempt at race directing.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! HUGE SMILES!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  3. LOVE IT!!!! HUGE SMILES!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  4. That looks so fun! What a great way to start a wedding day.