June 14, 2012

Off to Duluth! (USA Half Marathon Championships Tracking)

Tomorrow we are flying to Duluth, MN for the USA Half Marathon Championships.

The race will be on Saturday morning - 6:15am for the men, 6:25am for the women.

Here's some links if you are interested in following along...

List of athletes who will be competing. The fields are absolutely stacked - 120+ men and 80+ women in the championships. This is the most competitive race either one of us has even been a part of (and yes, I know I ran the Boston Marathon a few months ago, but while that race was top-heavy with guys like Geoffrey Mutai, the depth of the field assembled for this race is a lot stronger).

Live Tracking (text/email updates and some sort of "map tracker")

Live Webcast on Runnerspace

The course is a point-to-point along Lake Superior with some rolling hills, following the second half of the full marathon course. Its probably slightly more difficult than Long Beach, where we both ran our half-marathon PRs last fall, but the competition should offset that fact. Hopefully, we'll come back to Utah on Sunday night with some new best times!

After this race we both plan on shutting it down for a little while (in terms of hard workouts and races). Its time to let the bodies re-charge before we starting building towards the fall season. Plus, we have some great vacations coming up in July!


  1. I am all set up to track! You can think of me yelling at you and screaming my lungs out like a HS cheerleader everytime you cross a mat. :)

    I'd be glad to aid you in that recovery plan with my slow paces after Duluth!

  2. That's a kind of tough course, no flats at all! Good luck to you both!