August 9, 2012

Andrea's SLC Corporate Games Mountain Bike Race Report

Last night I participated in the SLC Corporate Games Mountain Biking Race along with three of my co-workers from BD Medical. The three guys are very experienced bikers, and I was chosen as the token female for the co-ed division. I don't think these guys realized that my ability to run fast does not translate into biking fast! 

I wouldn't necessarily call this a mountain biking race... it was more like a sprint cyclo-cross race. The course was a 2-lap loop, for a whopping total of 2 miles... so the race was much more about bike handling skills and sprinting (not my specialties!) than it was about endurance. The course was a dirt/sand mix of singletrack and doubletrack, with tight turns and lots of people. I really enjoyed it - challenging for me but mostly fun!

I had a great time and came in 2nd place for the women....out of three :-) I've decided that mountain biking is a sport that I like to do for fun rather than competitively...that is, until the Corporate Games next year!

The corporate games are still in full swing - I ran the XC race two weeks ago, and currently I'm also playing on my company's ultimate frisbee and soccer teams. More to come on those shortly!

Lap #1
Lap #2

Coming into the finishing chute
Wheeler Farm, where the race was held
Animals run amok at this place!


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