August 22, 2012

Jake's Family Invades Utah

Some member of my (Jake's) family decided to escape AZ/CA and come up to Utah for a week. My parents drive up from Phoenix last Friday, while my aunt and uncle (Aline and John) drove out from LA. They rented a "cabin" up outside of Heber and we've been having a fun time doing all sort of stuff - rafting, shooting, fishing, bowling, etc. They all want to move here, and I can't blame them! 

Here's some photos from the last four days...

My buddy Jesse James and I
Horses in the backyard
Sunset from the back deck, where we've been eating dinner outside every night in the cool air
Clearly the owner of this house is a hunter!

Bridal Veil Falls
With the family and the south side of Mt Timp behind us
Andrea in the Provo River

Andrea's first shot with a 12 gauge shotgun!

Dad shooting
My Mom can be a bada$$
My turn to blow apart some clay pigeons

Mirror Lake (High Uintas)
Dad slaying some trout

Trial Lake is LOW this year. We were up here last year at this time and the lake was full.

Provo River Falls

Jupiter Bowl in Park City

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