August 3, 2012

Saucony Ride 5 Review

I've finally found the shoes to fill the only gap in my shoe rotation - a lightweight, very cushioned trainer w/out any excess motion control features... the new Ride 5. I've only been wearing them for 2 weeks, but since I've run over 300 miles in those 2 weeks, and 150+ of them in the Rides, I think I can already say that I love them and won't be taking that statement back!

Here's what Saucony has to say about the improvements to the Ride 5:

A full ounce lighter than its predecessor, the Ride 5 is the most responsive version of this shoe to date. The heel edge is beveled (rounded) for a smoother transition from heel strike to midfoot, and more flex grooves have been carved into the forefoot design for better overall fl exibility. The heel-to-toe offset has been adjusted from 12mm to 8mm to promote a more balanced, efficient stride throughout the gait cycle. Excess materials have been removed to reduce weight, making the Ride 5 the lightest Ride EVER! The heel-to-toe offset is updated from 12mm to 8mm. The heel edge has been beveled. ProGrid™ technology (previously in heel only) has been extended to the entire foot bed for a more seamless feel. Outsole material is upgraded from traditional blown rubber to IBR plus, for enhanced cushioning and durability. Weight 9.8oz.

I don't really notice much of a weight difference between the Ride and the Mirage (the ride is only about a half-ounce heavier). But I do notice the difference in cushion - its like running on a cloud... and when you are putting in big miles like I am, that makes a big difference on recovery days. This is mainly due to the fact that Saucony put their highest quality cushioning throughout the entire shoe (up in the forefoot, which is good when you are a mid to forefoot striker). For the most part, I've been wearing them for longer runs in the 14-19 mile range. 

I'm definitely pleased and already looking to get another pair. I'm rotating between the Mirage, Ride, and Kinvara for the majority of my mileage, the Fastwitch and Type As for faster workouts and races, and the Peregrines for the occassional trail run. I feel like that covers all the bases!

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  1. hmmm I wonder if these would offer more support for my Metatarsalgia. It definitely sounds like it and they are pretty sweet looking too. Thanks for the review Jake!