September 27, 2012

Back to the Half

Back in early August I was planning on running two marathons this fall. But as I got closer to the TOU Marathon, I decided that would be my last marathon of the year. Since the TOU Marathon went really well, its been easy to stick to that "no more marathons in 2012" plan of action.

Recovery from the marathon has gone pretty well. I've taken the last 12 days easier than I ever have in the post-marathon timeframe. As I mentioned in the TOU Marathon race recap, my hamstring started giving me some problems around mile 15 of the race, and it took about a week before it felt normal again afterwards. I only ran (a generous word... more like slowly jogged) about 40 miles the week after the marathon, which was my lowest week in about 2 years.

Soon I'll gradually starting to build it back up, with a goal of peaking again around Thanksgiving (plus/minus one week). I've targeted two half-marathon races for that period - Big Sur Monterey Bay (11/18) and RnR Las Vegas (12/2). I feel like I have a couple good races left in me this year if I play my cards right, and those races (due to their very competitive nature) should give me a great opportunity to go after a half-marathon PR.

I'm looking forward to this last cycle of training for the year. I'm going to keep my mileage a lot lower than during marathon training, focus on very specific half-marathon workouts, and hopefully end this year on another high note. Its already been a big year of training/racing, so I have to take a smart approach into these last couple months. Nothing trumps staying healthy and consistent.

Big Sur Half Marathon


  1. You should share your half-marathon specific workouts :)

    1. That's a good idea Christie - I will do that in more detail in another post. But just for something quick - "Half-marathon specific" workouts (for me) aren't really anything out of the box - 6 x Mile, 2 x 5K, 6-8 mile progressive tempos, 4-3-2-1 x Mile... those are the types of sessions I'll do. Essentially, long repeats at or near goal pace. I'll keep my long runs shorter (~2 hrs).

    2. Thanks Jake. This gives me some ideas.