September 1, 2012

Wildcat Half Marathon

Start of the Wildcat Half Marathon in Huntsville
This morning I ran the Wildcat Half Marathon up in Huntsville, UT as my last longer/harder workout before the marathon coming up in 2 weeks. After running 1:06:03 at the TOU 1/2 last weekend, I wasn't looking for an all-out effort, just a steady marathon-paced run with a slightly faster finish. I accomplised that goal, coming through 10 miles in just under 54 minutes and then cranking down the pace a bit over the last 5K, finishing in 1:10:12 for 2nd place. I was satisfied with the effort - I got what I needed out of this race and didn't push myself too hard.

A more detailed race report is on my running log - Wildcat Half Marathon Race Report

This was a nice small-town race but with very good competition, mainly because its on the USATF-Utah Circuit this year.

Andrea was out on the course taking pictures...

Course elevation profile
The pack at around 1.5 miles
The valley up by Huntsville is a beautiful area

Running w/ Riley around mile 6.5
Around mile 12
Heading towards the finish
It was humid outside during and after the race!

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