September 9, 2012

Layton Classic 5K (then a weekend in the mountains)

2 mile mark of the Layton Classic 5K
As always, I ran a shorter tune-up race on Saturday, a week before the marathon. I decided to head up to Layton for the Classic 5K and that was a great choice - its a very well organized race on a honest course - some rolling hills at altitude made it a good test. I didn't have anyone to push me and won easily, so I was happy to run 15:17 and feel pretty good doing that. You can read a more detailed race report on my running log - Layton Classic 5K Race Recap.

After the race we headed up to Alta, went for a hike, hung out with friend at the post-Peruvian Dash BBQ, then spent the night at the Peruvian Lodge. It was fun to get up in the mountains... the weather is beautiful right now.

Andrea is on the mend and starting to run a little bit more - its been great to have her company and run with her again the past couple days. She'll have an update on the blog in the upcoming week.

Less than a week until the TOU Marathon - Guess its taper time... 

About 1/4 of a mile into the race
2 mile mark
Approaching the finish line
Hiking up at Alta
Andrea hanging out at Cecret Lake

We spent the night at the Peruvian Lodge - what a great location!
We spent a lot of time in this hot tub over the weekend
We had the Peruvian Lodge pretty much all to ourselves
Oktoberfest at Snowbird
Last year we went up here for Oktoberfest with my Dad and took a tram ride
Andrea being awesome as usual
The last major order of business for the weekend was to melt a bunch of chocolate and dip stuff in it!


  1. Awesome pictures! I think you guys need to buy a chocolate fountain. :)

    1. That can be purchase #2 ... after I get an industrial quality soft serve machine!