August 21, 2011

A tram ride to 11,000 is not cheating

Andrea and I with my Dad on Hidden Peak

A few weeks ago we got some free Snowbird tram passes at a local road race. We had a few hours to kill this afternoon before my Mom and sister got up to SLC, so my Dad, Andrea, and I took the tram up to Hidden Peak. We didn't even feel guilty about not hiking up, as Andrea ran a 29 second 5K PR yesterday, and I ran a 5K time trial this morning, beating my best time from college by 8 seconds. We were also a bit tired from our Uintas fishing trip.

Snowbird is in full Oktoberfest mode, so it was a fun time. With temps pushing towards 100 degrees in the valley, it was nice to be in the cool air of the mountains.

Some photos below (and more here: Snowbird Oktoberfest)

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