August 21, 2011

Fishing in the High Uintas

This past weekend I went on a camping / fishing trip up to the Uinta Mountains, off the Mirror Lake Highway. My Dad flew in from Arizona, and two of my uncles (and one of their friends) flew in from Los Angeles. We camped at Trial Lake and fished at a bunch of the lakes up in that area.

This was my first fishing trip in about 15 years, and I had a heck of a great time. The rest of the guys are excellent fishermen, and were hooking trout in big numbers. I did manage to catch two rainbow trout, so I'll call that a success!

Great company, and a great area of wilderness. Can't beat these kinds of weekends! As an added bonus, on Friday evening we saw a bald eagle fly over us 3 times... an unreal moment.

Below are a sampling of our photos... more can be found here: Uintas Fishing

Our crew, from left to right: Lamont, Uncle Richard, Dad, Uncle John, and me

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  1. Geez, could you and your dad look any more alike? That's awesome. I love the Uintas.