August 3, 2011

July Training / Recap

Started off the month in California, wrapping up our epic vacation, then came home to Salt Lake and got back into the swing of training. July ended up being really busy... we put the finishing touches on our ski season, took a trip to Tennessee, and spent a weekend in Park City.

Quick training recap... you can click the links to our Fast Run Blog's to see the daily workouts...

Jake: Last 4 weeks were 106, 115, 107, and 110 miles. Ran 15:04 at the Draper Days 5K in mid July. Things are moving in the right direction. Had a little scare w/ a back spasm that put me down for 2 days, but that has resolved.

Andrea's last 4 weeks were 25, 42, 46, and 61 miles. She mixed in a lot of cross training while getting over her back injury, but now seems to be making some solid progress; getting the mileage back up and easing back into harder workouts.


I'm laying my cards out and just saying that I'm going for an Olympic Trials Qualifier this fall at the Philadelphia Marathon. Running under 2:19:00 is going to require making another huge jump, but I'm confident in my abilities and think I have a good plan to get me that level. Andrea will be running the half-marathon in Philly. We have both received complimentary elite entires to the race.

Between now and then, we'll have several other races (including a 1/2 marathon in Long Beach CA, which will be a good opportunity to run fast at sea level) to keep us busy. My family is coming to visit in a few weeks, and Andrea's family is coming out in September, so we'll be making some trips to places like the Uinta Mountains and Moab.


More on this in a post to come, but if you noticed the Saucony banner on the blog, its there because Andrea and I are now both being sponsored by Saucony! They are an awesome company who I have a past relationship w/ through some research I did a few years ago, and we are both thrilled to have their support as we push forward towards achieving our running and racing goals.


According to NOAA, there is a growing likelihood that 2011-2012 will be another La Nina season. Boy, wouldn't another 800" winter be nice?!?! Although I will say that I am hoping that I don't take my skis out until after January 14th, 2012... if you know what I mean :-)

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  1. Congrats on making the team! It's a fantastic group - this is my 3rd year and I hope it never ends :)