August 13, 2011

Park City 15K Trail Race (and the Tour of Utah)

Andrea cruising to the finish at the Park City 15K trail race

This weekend was very focused on getting in some quality workouts and recovering from them.

On Saturday we ran in the new Park City Trail 15K race, put on by R-U-N Events. The are a new event company, but do a great job. The race was mainly on singletrack trails out at Round Valley. With elevations ranging from 6500-7000 feet and plenty of hills, it served as a solid tempo run for both of us. Andrea and I both won our respective races relatively easily, not really pushing it too hard. I won by ~7 minutes, and Andrea had a several minute gap as well. We got to wear our new Saucony uniforms, which was sweet. This was my first race in the Peregrine trail shoes, and I was very impressed by them. We also saw Galen Rupp and Mo Farah running by after the race... two of the top runners in the entire world... Park City is a great place to train, and some of the world's best are starting to realize that.

Full race recaps can be viewed by clicking here: Jake - Andrea

Afterwards, we biked downtown to check out the Tour of Utah. It was pretty cool seeing how fast those guys ride their bikes. Its kind of crazy (and looks dangerous!). I posted a video below.

Since we didn't go all out in the race, we came right back on Sunday morning with another harder workout. Its my staple workout for prepping for the Top of Utah half-marathon in 2 weeks, which will be our "big" race of the summer season. We ran up Emigration Canyon easy, then tempo back down. Andrea hit a 6 mile tempo at 5:40 pace, and I hit my 7 mile tempo at 4:45 pace coming down Emigration (click the links for splits). It was a nice confidence booster for TOU, and felt good to get the legs moving quick. Ice baths were the name of the game after that one. This capped off what will be our highest volume weeks of the summer (~140 miles for me, 70+ miles for Andrea)... although there will be plenty more of those kind of weeks this fall.

The only thing left on the agenda for the weekend is getting dipped cones at Dairy Queen!

Elevation profile for the trail race

Andrea crushing it at Round Valley

Post Race

Excellent color coordination, huh?

She's getting pretty buff :-)

The Tour of Utah flying through Salt Lake City

Video clip from the race:

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