August 8, 2011

National Guard 5K and Biking to Dog Lake

Post race at the National Guard 5K

We ran the National Guard Charitable Trust 5K in Sandy on Saturday. For Andrea, this was her first race of the summer, and first race since some back problems shut her down for a while after the Utah Valley Half Marathon. For me, it was just another "train through it" race.

The course was not by any means a fast one. It had some big hills and was actually a net uphill, which kicks your butt at altitude. From a competition standpoint, this was a USATF-Utah circuit race, so a lot of the very good local runners were there.

Andrea ran really strong in her first race back, taking 1st place in 17:57 (not a small feat on that course). I didn't run fantastic, but still was able to take 3rd place in 15:49.

Our full race reports on Fast Run Blog: Andrea - Jake

After the race, we headed up Mill Creek Canyon and rode our mountain bikes up to Dog Lake. Really smooth singletrack riding and lots of fun. We also had our first rattlesnake encounter of the summer while doing an afternoon shakeout run on the Pipeline trail. Not cool!

Sunday was a long run (Andrea 15, Me 20) out on Jeremy Ranch, and then lots of laying around / ice baths / pool.

Dog Lake

Also, my Saucony gear arrived just in time for the weekend (Andrea's should be here this upcoming week). I'm really excited to be representing a company that I believe in! I think I'm pretty much set on shoes and orange clothes for a while...

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