December 27, 2012

Arizona Christmas #1

Christmas morning
Andrea went to Tennessee for the holidays, while I went to Arizona. It couldn't have been a better choice for me, because in addition to spending lots of great time w/ my family, I'm also in the midst of a really hard microcycle of training... so while 90% of the rest of the country is stuck in bad weather, I'm running in perfect conditions every day.

I'll get to my training in part #2 of this post (in a couple days), but first I thought I'd share some photos. In addition to running 20-25 miles per day, somehow there is still time for shooting, hiking, golfing, meat eating, and opening presents. Its been a fun vacation so far and luckily I still have 4+ days left before I go back up to the frozen world in Utah...

Chandler Tumbleweed Tree
Hanging outside by the grill. In December. Yeah!
Sporting clay shooting at the Ben Avery Range

Outdoor X-Mas Eve services
X-Mas day hike at San Tan Mountain Park

My sister's iPad doodle
All the basic food groups: Bison, Boar, Elk, Venison...
...and ice cream!
A little golf

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