December 11, 2012

Saucony Wear Testing Opportunity

Passing this message along from the mothership...

We are looking for dedicated athletes to participate in trials of our new footwear styles.

Participation will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate some of the leading technologies in the athletic footwear industry and have a direct impact on the design and development of our footwear.

Run more than 40 miles a week
•Know what you like about running shoes and have ideas on how to make them better
•Have a strong commitment and passion for running
•Would be able to adhere to our program schedule and uphold our professional standards
•Wear a women’s 8 OR a men’s 9, 10
•Are excited to test new prototypes and provide in-depth detailed feedback

Please contact us for an application to join our wear test program:


  1. I wish they would do women's size 9.5... I love Saucony!!!

  2. Excellent! Thanks for sharing this. I've already reached out to them.

  3. Can't they extend it to an 11 for men?

  4. Cool thanks for the heads up. Hopefully my tiny feet will finally earn their keep