December 10, 2012

Strength in Numbers

There are a lot of really, really good runners that live along the Wasatch Front. And you know what is even better? Those really good runners are also really cool, fun people to hang out with. Especially if by "hang out" you mean bang out 20+ miles on Saturday morning.

Sometimes during the meat of the racing season, its hard to get big groups together for long runs because everyone is on different schedules. But right now since there aren't many races and everyone seems to be training for March/April marathons, our group is getting bigger every week. This past Saturday we had over 30 people show up. When the crew is that big, the long runs just fly by. There is definitely strength in numbers.

Luckily one of the guys snapped a quick photo before we took off for our run on Saturday morning down in Orem, UT...

Six guys in this group have run 2:21-2:24 for the marathon in the past two years. And everyone else raises their game on Saturdays to try and make the jump to the next level. Its motivating to see so many people working hard, pushing each other, and having a heck of a lot of fun in the process. I see a lot of marathon PRs going down in the spring.

The one thing we have to alter is our male/female ratio. Its out of control right now! :-)

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