January 14, 2013

Winter Storm Galdolf

Andrea running in the snow on Friday morning
We got quite a storm in the SLC valley at the end of last week and through the first part of the weekend. In the three winters Andrea and I have lived in Utah, this was by far the most snow we've had down where we live. It was one of those weird storms where more snow fell at 4,500 feet than at 10,000 feet up in the mountains. Some places in the valley got 24-30 inches of snow. There was powder skiing just above downtown.

I had a hard workout scheduled for Saturday, so we ended up having to move it to the indoor track at the Olympic Oval. We got in a good effort and I'm excited about the upcoming Rock and Roll AZ 1/2 Marathon this upcoming Sunday! Its nice to have that facility on days when its impossible to get in a quality efforts outdoors. I don't mind cold, but when all of the roads are covered in snow and ice, you have to adapt (and I'm not a treadmill guy).

We are definitely in a really cold spell for a few more weeks. This weather is a lot different than last winter! Personally, I like the challenge it presents. I think when you have a 6-8 week stretch of really tough weather conditions, that makes you stronger mentally for the rest of the season. If the weather is good all the time, its easy to get soft. And you also have to learn to take advantage of the good weather days, and think hard about how to make those workouts really count.

Mile repeats w/ Kramer and Scott

Andrea and Amiee went for a little ski tour right from downtown SLC when the clouds parted on Saturday afternoon...

Now its gonna get really cold for a while.

You know its cold when you are baking pajamas with the space heater before bed.

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