January 1, 2013

2012 Review (Jake)

Its that time of the year - the law of the internet states that if you have a blog, you have to do a "year in review" post or you get kicked off the web. My 2011 Review post came out pretty good, so good in fact that I'm regretting raising the bar so high for myself :-)

Since I have lots of numbers, I'll start w/ the running data. This year I ran 5906 miles (113 miles / week), which was ~100 miles more than last year. I didn't intend to beat that mark, and once again I'll resolve in 2013 to get that number down to 5000!

Probably the best part of that mileage number is that I can say than I ran more miles that I drove in my jeep. I don't have the exact number, but I think I put around or just under 5000 miles on the white wolf. Run commuting obviously makes a world of difference - I only drove my car to work 90 days this year.

The breakdown of that mileage is more interesting than the total itself. Of the 5900 miles, 698 miles were "quality" (marathon pace or faster): 78 miles at 5K pace or faster, 210 miles at 10K-HM pace, and 410 miles at marathon effort. That's a fair amount of quality running.

Monthly Mileage - 2011 vs 2012
Weekly Mileage for 2012
My upper body is still wimpy (perfect for my sport), but I exceeded my goals for perfect pushups and perfect pullups, knocking out 30,125 and 6,735, respectively. I got a little carried away early in the year...

I keep track of a lot of things that I find valuable, including sleep hours, resting heart rate, and weight...
I averaged just over 8 hours of sleep per night for the entire year
My average resting heart rate was 39 point. I can usually tell how well I am recovering by this metric.
And... I got a little too skinny during the summer, despite the massive ice cream consumption!

I met some, but not all, of my running goals in 2012. I was able to win my first marathon (2:22:12, Top of Utah) and PR'd in the Mile, 5K (4:12, 14:10*, Fontana / Santa Barbara), 10K (30:03, Portland), and 15K (45:53, Mountain to Fountain). I also notched my first half-marathon win (1:06:03 at TOU), and ran well at the USA Half Marathon Championships (1:06:02, 27th). I didn't really have any bad races, and I am pleased with my consistency.

There was also that other marathon I ran... you may have heard of it - Boston. I ran slow there (2:30) but finished in 23rd place on a very hot day. It was a cool experience.

Enough on running... I'll post some more reflections on the year and goals for 2013 in the coming week.

We went on some killer vacations in 2012. I've already made extensive recaps, so check some of those out:

We only skied a handful of times this winter, for a variety of reason (mainly- it didn't snow!)... but when we got out, we remembered how much we love it... its always an adventure.

Most importantly, I got to spend a lot of quality time with family and friends this year... I am insanely lucky to have such great people in my life who support me and inspire me. I'm also very fortunate to live in one of the greatest places in the world, where fun and adventure is right around every corner...

Especially this girl... even if she wears sock and sandals all the time :-)


  1. Nice review, as required. I can't believe you track your weight, sleep, and HR, or how many pull-ups you do.

    Awesome pictures, both of mountains and of Mutai. Here's to a great 2013.

    1. haha thanks... I also keep track of how many cartons of ice cream we go through... but I'm afraid to add up the totals :-)

  2. Love all the numbers! I really like the idea of using your resting HR to help determine if your body is recovering.

    Runners, like myself, as so lucky to have those like you and Andrea to look up to for advice and inspiration. I don't even really 'know' you guys; but your excitement and dedication to the sport is still so radiating even just through the blog posts - So thanks, both of you:)

    1. Resting HR is a great indicator... once you've been tracking it for a while and start to understand the normal fluctuations, it provides some good (objective) feedback. And it only takes 60 seconds every morning :-)