July 6, 2012

Southern Utah Summer Vacation Roundup (Table of Contents)

We've broken up summer vacation (#1) into a bunch of separate blog posts, each with their own photo gallery...

Part 1 - Cedar Breaks National Monument
Part 2 - Navajo Lake and Cascade Falls
Part 3 - Brian Head Resort and Peak Run
Part 4 - Kanarraville Creek Narrows
Part 5 - Red Canyon
Part 6 - Bryce Canyon (Rim Run)
Part 7 - Bryce Canyon Hiking

We drove down to Brian Head on June 29th, as used the Cedar Breaks Lodge as our "base camp" for the majority of the trip. Even though its primarily known as a ski resort, Brian Head is a great location in the summer due to its high base elevation of 9600 feet (ie. cool weather!). Its also an absolute mecca for running - endless dirt roads, ATV trails, etc. A hidden gem for sure. Don't tell anyone :-)

From Brian Head we hit some cool places nearby - Kanarraville Creek (just south of Cedar City), Cedar Breaks (right next door to Brian Head), and Navajo Lake. On the last two days of the trip we headed east to Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon (spending the night just outside of Bryce).

For me (Jake) this was a typical vacation - 99 miles of running over 5 days w/ 11,000 feet of climbing, all at very high altitude. Nothing beats a good vacation in the mountains!

Check out the links above for pictures from all of the places. We took A LOT of photos!

In the effort to spare you from an overload of potentially unnecessary information, we haven't made the "trip reports" very detailed in terms of maps, GPS tracks, etc. However, if you are interested in any of that stuff, leave a comment or shoot me an email - we have lots more information and recommendations for things to do in this area.

Two of our friends (Amiee and Kevin) joined us for the trip. It was awesome to have an adventurous group to share the fun with!

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  1. Just a "typical week" running 99 miles in 5 days. bahaha best comment ever! I bet most people don't run 99 miles in one year.