July 5, 2012

Navajo Lake and Cascade Falls

Southern Utah Summer Vacation
Part 2 of 7 - Navajo Lake and Cascade Falls

Navajo Lake is just south of Brian Head and Cedar Breaks. Its a high elevation lake (9000+ feet) surrounded by some amazing trails. Directions to the lake and more information about the ride can be found here. Kevin and I ran the loop around the lake while the girls rode their mountain bikes. We started on the dirt road, then split over to the rolling singletrack trail around the perimeter of the lake which was smooth and perfect for both running and biking... the final stretch on the east end of the lake went through an old lava field - how cool is that? 

After the run/bike, we drove down a dirt road to the Cascade Falls trailhead and went for a short hike out to the waterfalls...

Navajo Lake run/bike...

Cascade Falls hike...

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