July 27, 2012

Mountain Biking in Teton Village and Cache Creek

We are very much beginner/intermediate mountain bikers (ie. we're very fit but not good at the technical stuff!). Still, we enjoy getting out once in a while to give the legs a break from the pounding of running and hiking. Since we were staying in Teton Village, we checked out some of their new trails one afternoon - they have a new lift-served downhill biking park, but we used human power to get up, ride a XC loop (Saratoga trail), then bomb (ie. ride the brakes!) down some of the new downhill trails.

On our last day in Wyoming, we checked out the Cache Creek area near Snow King. This area is awesome for XC mountain biking (and would also be fantastic for trail running). We linked up the Cache Creek and Putt-Putt trails for a 14 mile loop. Fun singletrack and big views - hard to beat that!

Here's some informational links to the trails we rode:
Teton Village Mountain Biking
Greater Snow King Trail Network

Teton Village biking - this is a new bridge they just installed

Snow King ski area in Jackson
Cache Creek

Heading up on the Putt-Putt trail

Finishing up the Putt-Putt
Riding back to Jackson on the dirt road
Good thing for everyone else that I don't wear cycling clothes very often! :-)

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