July 19, 2012

Summer Vacation #2 - Finally heading to the Tetons!

My Dad kayaking on Jackson Lake (August 2011)
Tomorrow afternoon Andrea and I leave for a trip we've been looking forward to and daydreaming about all spring/summer - we're headed to Jackson WY for 5+ days. We'll be staying in Teton Village and our adventure "to do" list has enough options to fill up a month. Needless to say we'll be very busy running, hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking, and doing whatever else we have time/energy for in one of the most spectacular places on the earth.

As always we'll have plenty to report when we get back, and maybe even a mid-trip update if we need a little break.


River Road
( http://www.denniscoello.com)

Anyone wanna come with us? :-)

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