August 12, 2013

Park City Trail 15K

This weekend I ran in and won the Park City Trail 15K, which is part of a summer races series organized by R-U-N Events and is one of my favorite low-key local races, The course is rolling trails and tops out at a little over 7000 feet, so its a great aerobic workout. I posted a more detailed report on my running blog. I'm finishing up a micro-cycle of high mileage and harder workouts, so now I'm backing it off and gearing up to run a fast 5K and Half-Marathon over the next two weekends.

Some photos...

Post race w/ friends
Check out these Saucony XC glasses!
Course Profile


  1. That's awesome dude! Where did you get the dope sunglasses?

    1. Saucony XC! They do great giveaways every season.