August 29, 2013

Gray Copper to Corkscrew Gulch from Ironton

Dirt with so much iron that eating it cures anemia on the spot!
I wasn't sure where to hike today (but you can't really go wrong anywhere in the San Juans), and wanted to check out the Ironton ghost town, so I figured I could link together a hiking trail and some jeep roads in that area and create a small loop. 

I parked right off highway 550 and started from there... went up Gray Copper Gulch to the Vernon mine, then connected with the jeeps roads that wrap around the backside of Red Mountain #1, and back down Corkscrew Gulch. According to the GPS, it was 9 miles, but that's probably an overestimation. Total elevation gain was probably a little under 3000 feet. 

A pretty nice loop and other than a few jeepers, I didn't see a single person out there.

Cool RZR
I didn't eat this
Gray Copper Gulch

Cement Creek basin and the road heading towards Hurricane Pass
Silverton Mountain Ski Area

Corkscrew Gulch and the other Red Mountains
The approximate route with help from our friends at Microsoft Paint

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