September 4, 2013

Ice Lakes

Have you ever seen a lake THIS blue? No, it's not filled with anti-freeze or toiler bowl cleaner... according to 5280 magazine, here is the reason for the color:

Upper Ice Lake is a glacial tarn—a lake carved and fed by glaciers—that gets its near-fluorescent blue color from rock flour. When a glacier moves, it grinds the bedrock below, creating a crushed-rock powder that suspends in the water and absorbs the sun’s light spectrum in a way that creates a beautiful cerulean appearance. There are only a handful of similarly colored glacial lakes in the state.

Pretty spectacular. And what made this hike even more special is that after spending the first couple days of the San Juans trip solo, the adventure team reinforcements showed up last night - Andrea and our friends Amiee, Allie, and James. They all drove down from SLC to meet me for a few days of fun in the mountains.

More photos from Ice Lakes...

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