September 7, 2013

Layton Classic 5K

Approaching the last quarter mile of the Layton Classic 5K
After yesterday's XC debacle I almost didn't even bother driving up to Layton this morning. But as it got closer to 7am I think Andrea realized I was going to be a total PITA all day so she said we should just drive up and see how my feet felt once I warmed up. I got there in time to jog the course w/ our friend Kassi Harmon which was great because it took my mind off my heels and got me to stop being mad at myself. Thanks Andrea and Kassi for snapping me out of my funk this morning.

I'm really trying to re-train myself into racing more conservatively off the start. Jace Nye and Jason Holt were there, so I was content to let them set the tempo early. We went out a lot slower than I ran the first mile last year, and by halfway it was just Jace and I. We hit 2 miles in 10:08 and then I decided it was time to move. Ran the last 1.1 miles in 5:18 (~4:48 pace), so a nice negative split and felt like I had a lot more in the tank. Final time of 15:26. Heels held up OK with a solid tape job. I will admit, I'm still pretty tired from the Colorado trip. [Results]

Ken and Janae Richardson did a great job organizing and directing this race. I'd highly recommend it.

As usual, Andrea took some great photos: 2013 Layton Classic

2 miles
No further damage done. I'm glad I ran.

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