March 17, 2014

PowerBar Team Elite

You may have noticed the PowerBar logo on the side of the blog. I'm excited to announced that I've been selected as a member of PowerBar's Team Elite for the 2014 and 2015 competition seasons. As I strive to realize my dream of qualifying for the Olympic Trials Marathon, I've realized that I need to be smarter about everything I do... especially recovery, and a huge part of recovery is nutrition. While we aren't unhealthy by any means, Andrea and I are making strides to clean up out diets, eliminate some junk, and replace those calories with quality sources. I've also been working hard to dial in my nutrition strategy during marathon racing. The PowerBar sponsorship will really help me in the areas of performance nutrition and recovery.

I've actually been an avid PowerBar product user since high school... I wouldn't endorse or promote a brand I didn't believe in. PowerBar makes excellent sports nutrition products, and I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge of nutritional strategies before, during and after competition... as it plays a huge role in our sport.

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