March 16, 2014

Sun and Ski

My job sent me to San Diego for a couple days at the end of the week (I know, tough break!). The meeting's host hotel was in Del Mar, near Torrey Pines, so I was able to get in a couple really cool trail runs in the Torrey Pines State Nature Preserve. Special thanks to Kristen of Two Little Runners for giving me some great tips on where to run in this area!

On Saturday, before heading home, I took advantage of the sea level to knock out my long run and wrap up another solid week of training. I'll do another training post this week, as I just wrapped up a block of training, and I'm moving on to some other types of workouts for the rest of the time period between now and the Indy 500 half marathon.

Andrea and I took advantage of another perfect, warm, sunny Sunday in the Wasatch Mountains. A great weekend of sunshine and skiing.

Stole this photo from here, but this gives you a great idea of what running at Torrey Pines is like.
And another beautiful spring-ski day...

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