July 13, 2014

Mid-Mountain Trail

Labeling Andrea and I as intermediate level mountain bicyclists would probably be something of a stretch. We like riding from time to time, and obviously can climb well, but we generally prefer easier trails - especially on downhills. The smoother, the better!

Park City's Mid-Mountain trail is a pretty nice ride - we haven't ridden it in a few years, so we decided to check it out again this weekend. We started from Deer Valley's Silver Lake Lodge and rode north to the Canyons resort, then came back via the bike path. The section of the trail between Deer Valley and PCMR's boundary is the best - nice, smooth singletrack - most of it in the forest. The section between the Armstrong trail and the Canyons is a lot more rocky and somewhat annoying at times. So we'd recommend making a loop in the Deer Valley / Park City resort boundaries if you are like us and just enjoy cruising... and only doing the whole thing if you know how to handle a bicycle :-)

Ice cream cones are a necessity after being on the bike that long

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