July 29, 2014

Provo River Falls and Trial Lake

Andrea icing down in the Provo River

Pioneer Day(s) is one of the best parts of living in Utah - extra vacation time in July! Although we've never actually stayed in Utah during this time... 2010 - John Muir Trail, 2011 - Tennessee, 2012/2013 - Tetons. This year, however, we decided to stay closer to home since we'll be traveling a lot in August. We spent the 24th checking out the wildflowers in Little Cottonwood Canyon. And then after knocking out a long run in Park City, we headed up to the Uinta Mountains for the rest of the weekend and camped at Trial Lake. The higher altitude along the Mirror Lake Highway (~10,000 feet) provided cool temperatures, which were a nice break from the SLC valley furnace.

Provo River Falls

Trial Lake from our campsite

Sunset at Trial Lake
Lily Lakes

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