October 1, 2014

Andrea: Athletic Pubalgia Surgery Post-Op Rehab Weeks 0-2

I am now two weeks out from surgery. I spent the first six days in Philadelphia, working with a physical therapist (Nicole) at Vincera Rehab and checking in with Dr. Meyers. My dad was nice enough to take a few days off from work and keep me company, as I would have gone crazy from boredom without him.

I traveled back to Salt Lake City after six days, and the traveling day was hard on me. Over eight hours of sitting in an airplane is not easy after abdominal surgery! I had increased swelling and pain the following day, but it returned to previous levels after another day.

Throughout the second week, my pain level remained about the same, if not slightly increased. I have been consistent with my physical therapy exercises and walking prescribed by Nicole. I started seeing PT Danny at Canyon Sports Therapy in Salt Lake City, and he has been great so far - he even contacted Nicole to discuss my surgery and the appropriate rehab program for me.

At 11 days post-op I noticed an accumulation of fluid in the lower right abdominal area. Dr. Meyers told me it was called a seroma and was related to the extensiveness of the tissue dissection on that side. Jake and I call it my "pooch" - let's just say it does not make my stomach look attractive!

Other things to note: I went back to work after 7 days but limited my time there to only a few hours and worked from home the rest of the second week post-op. I also lost 3 lbs since surgery (good-bye muscle) and needed 10 hours of sleep at night plus a 2 hour nap during the day!

Here are the PT exercises that I have been doing -

250m walking
4x25m side steps
4x25m backward walking
2x10 bird dog – arms only, lead with thumb - then progress to both arms and legs
3x10 posture shoulder exercise (arms at right angle and rotate out) with 3s hold
3x10 clams with 5s hold
1x30 transverse abdominis isometric contraction with 5s hold
2x10 bent knee adductor squeeze with 5s hold
2x10 bent knee abduction against resistance with 5s hold
3x10 bridges with 5s hold - then progress with both a band around knees and ball b/w knees
1x5 extended leg lift and resisted adduction with 3s hold
1x30 back flexion and extension
3x10 side leg lift at 120 degrees (targeting glute medius) with 3s hold
250m walking
2x25m side steps
2x25m backward walking
Heat and ice several times a day
Massage starting at 10 days.

Icing after a round of morning PT exercises

I feel like I've gotten better and worse at the same time. The exercises are becoming easier for me, but I'm also having more pain than I anticipated after how well the first week went. I'm also an emotional rollercoaster - super optimistic one minute and then convinced that I'm never going to be pain-free the next. Jake really enjoys dealing with the mood swings on a daily basis! :)


  1. Posted on your earlier blog using my daughters gmail, left mine email Steven.herhold@gmail.com. Similar issues, unsuccessful oblique repair with dr brown after traveling from va beach Va in may, looking for next step to improve my quality of life. Would love to email or chat even to see if dr Myers helped you, concerned it will take some time until you know. Good luck in your healing and coping with the frustration of this .