October 19, 2014

Kinvara 5 at 1000 miles

Back in June I declared the Kinvara 5 the best version in the series. I figured it was worth following up on that post now that I've hit the 1000 mile mark with my first pair...

They are the best all-around shoes I've ever worn.

The Kinvara 5s have been my workhorses this summer, and I'm contemplating breaking out a fresh pair but I just CANNOT wear these things out. A thousand miles in and they still feel great.

Here's a few photos that demonstrate the durability...

A tiny bit of tearing below the logo on the right shoe only.
Not bad after that many miles.

Upper / Toebox still in great condition

Thanks to excellent placing of the stronger rubber, the outsoles still have plenty of traction and didn't smooth down like some previous versions.

For dark winter mornings I'm definitely picking up a pair of the Kinvara 5 Viziglo.


  1. I used to wear Kinvaras and always got 1000+ miles out of them! They are amazing!

  2. I currently have half the amount (500) on my Kinvara5s. I don't think I can wear mine up to a 1000 miles because I already feel a little less cushioning. However, like yours, there's still plenty traction. Interestingly, my Kinvara has a tear in the same area as well (right shoe too).