March 5, 2017

February out, March in

Right on the heels of the best week ever we got another early week storm dropping 2+ feet in the Cottonwoods. Unreal. The latest refresher led to dawn patrols on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. By the weekend the warm temperatures and high winds had done a number on the snow. We went out for a short tour with the intentions of skiing something new on Saturday, then took Sunday off to rest for the next storm. Another 20+ inches in the forecast for tomorrow... we are so spoiled this season.

Tuesday February 28

Solo powder laps in Mill D. Went fast and just skied as much as I could before work. Got in 4 laps of absolute hero snow and took a single photo...

Wednesday March 1

Flagstaff laps with Andrea. Great snow once again but too cold to take many pictures. Cold is good - it keeps the snow soft.

Friday March 3

Solo Scottie's Bowl with soft turns and a rejuvenating sunrise.

Saturday March 4

Finally checked God's Lawnmower off our list. What a name for a ski run / giant avalanche path. Its the obvious one I marked on the first photo below. Snow was alright but the winds were howling and the sun had done damage to anything not facing directly north. A good adventure outing!

Sunday March 5

First day off from skiing on a weekend since Thanksgiving. Super windy and the snowpack needs a fresh coat of white. I actually went running, which has been very uncommon on weekends this season, and that says everything about how relentlessly amazing the skiing has been. 

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