March 12, 2017

Opposite ends of the spectrum

A magical minute at Alta on Monday evening

On Monday evening I had to stop and put on an extra down layer while climbing uphill because I was too cold. By Wednesday afternoon it was shorts weather.

The week started off with a foot of fresh snow... nothing unusual for this winter. We skied on Monday after work and then on Tuesday/Wednesday mornings. By Thursday, though, it was just HOT out. It seems like our non-stop winter has finally hit the pause button for a bit - nothing in the long range forecast but you know its coming back at some point. Don't stop believing!

Monday March 6

Dusk Patrol - 4 laps off Emma Ridge. Real nice conditions...

Tuesday March 7

Solo day - didn't have much time so I grabbed the low hanging fruit and skied a few laps in Mill D.

Wednesday March 8

Andrea and I went up to Scottie's Bowl for a couple laps. The snow was wind affected in the open areas, but the sheltered areas closer to the trees were great...

And now for something completely different...

Thursday March 9

It's getting hot in herrrre. Storm tracks are stuck north. Ran in shorts to work. Dreaming of Montana and British Columbia.

Actual conversation on Thursday night while getting ready for bed:

"I don't even remember the last time we went skiing."

"JAKE we skied YESTERDAY morning"

Sunday March 12

Missed skiing yesterday because Andrea had Bioventures and I have an all-day conference. Didn't go out today because the sun didn't come out until 4pm and it was highly unlikely that anything would have softened up. We missed the whole weekend... Andrea - I don't even remember the last time we went skiing! :-)

What is happening?!?!

Alta-Collins Temperature (this is not fake news)...

Salt Lake City forecast...


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